Kami & Nathan Dempsey

Who Has The Reigns On Your Business?

Feb 07, 2015 | His Word, Home Based Business

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t-8YsulfxVI So I just finally got into see the new movie called Exodus. While part of the storyline was spot on according to the Bible, there are other parts that didn't seem quite in alignment. Regardless, there wa

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How Involved Are You In Your It Works Business?

Feb 03, 2015 | Uncategorized

My girlfriend, Catherine joined my team just about two years ago. Catherine and I were on a team together in high school too, just playing basketball instead. As I read her blog, I could totally relate with the various levels of involvement people fa

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What is Network Marketing or Referral Marketing?

Jan 27, 2015 | Network Marketing

We are big fans of Michigan State. I went to the mall to grab a few Sparty t-shirts and ran into a woman wearing yoga clothes from head to toe. Instantly I thought of my PureBarre class and wondered if she knew about it. I asked her if she had eve

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Say “WHEN” To Succeed

Jan 20, 2015 | Motivation

NEVER EVER QUIT on yourself or on your team. The only one who hurts the worst is you. That's right! I believe the only way you fail is if you quit. I was reminded of this at a team training of over 1500 people that when you start an at home busin

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The Power of “Wow Factor” Followup. Learn How to Use It!

Jan 06, 2015 | Motivation, Network Marketing

I often find myself in a conversation with fellow business owners about followup, and specifically the kind of followup that one is doing. It’s working, the relationship is growing and out of the blue there is no more communication. The lead or th

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Why It Works! May Be the Perfect Company For You!

Jan 03, 2015 | It Works! Global

Looking for a solid home business? Why It Works! may just be the perfect company for you! Find out how to make $500 in your first 60 days. Watch this quick video to learn the It Works! system. http://youtu.be/03wTmHepLEU?list=UUuLBo8usI2OINUQ

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Kami Dempsey’s 2014 Year In Review

Dec 22, 2014 | It Works! Global

"WHAT A YEAR! Is it really true that 2014 is coming to a close? Is Christmas really in just a few short days? Where has the time gone? As I was looking back through pictures over the last year, I was brought to tears. It's an understatement to say, "

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10 Business Tips You Need to Know This Holiday Season

"Business doesn’t slow down during the holidays. Distributors do… but leaders don’t”. - Lynette Molina We all love new, fresh ideas. Here are 10 business tips you need to know this holiday season! 1- Have a “Season for Sharing” pa

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Business Building 101

Network Marketing is and always has been a belly-to-belly business. Think of all the events, parties and get-togethers you will attend over the next month or so. The amount of opportunity you will have to network and build your "List" is unreal

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5 Ways To Channel Your Weight-Loss Motivation Into Your IWG Career

You just watched the latest episode of Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition, and you’re feeling ultra-inspired to hit the gym. The only issue is… Unlike the contestants of these shows, you don’t have major pounds to shed! Your problem isn

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