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Kami and I have always been committed to being successful with It Works! financially. For us we knew the question wasn’t if but when. After much research, Kami and I knew It Works! was the perfect company for us. As we began our journey into uncharted water we also knew that the success we wanted to achieve would not happen overnight. We wanted to set ourselves up for success right from the beginning and developing some short and long term goals were part of that plan.

We continually made small sacrifices and took small risks to position ourselves better and enable us to more effectively build our business. Now, we look back at those sacrifices and risks and we know they were in fact "investments". Investments not only in ourselves, but our family and friends. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing, day in and day out expecting different results.

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  • " Talk about an amazing leader with morals, down to earth and all around great lady. I love you Kami Dempsey – It Works! Global "

    —-Samantha B. Meyer

  • " Thanks for being a good leader, providing encouragement and a true support system! "

    —-Joyce Foster

  • " Kami...You are such an inspiration! Your love for the Lord is undeniable and so encouraging. God has blessed so many of us in bringing you into our lives through It Works! Thank you for your servant leadership! "

    —-Lisa Perry

  • " Thank you Kami Dempsey - It Works! Global for being such an incredible leader!!! You have no idea how many times I have been 'rescued' by simply clicking on your wall Blessings to you "

    —-Lori Faber on Facebook

  • " I love this wonderful lady and everything she represents. Thank you for leading by example Kami Dempsey – It Works! Globa "

    —-Shannon Martin on Facebook